2011 Volvo Universe Concept Sedan Review

April 30th, 2011 by By auto # Volvo

On the mat Shanghai Auto Show 2011, April 21 to 28, 2011, Volvo Car Corporation introduced the Universe Concept that describes the future of Volvo‘s sedans. Volvo Universe Concept provides a large luxury sedan with “new design language human-centric, embracing the beautiful lines of classic Volvos.” We do not know exactly where this type of grid is hypnotic, but the idea is to combine the design elements of the universe of contemporary design, as the roofline of a coupe and the solid rear with design cues from classic models of the past.

Peter Horbury, vice president of Design Volvo Car Corporation, said that modern human life that the more established shows the need for ever-increasing beauty. Universe Concept is designed with an exterior coupe-like shape, with a sloping roofline, the front end to the rear. Each curve is designed with a smooth form along the lines of the firm, which emit strong details.

“This design feels like creations of human hands and durable enough to survive the test of time,” said Peter Horbury in a press statement that was launched Indobuana Autoraya.

The interior is designed with a high comfort level using environmentally friendly materials. Instrument panels are easy to reach by applying the area of ??intuitive controls and touch screen. All available commands can be operated from the seat. Interior of the Volvo Universe Concept is a comfortable and cultured which is also focused on the user and refreshingly uncomplicated. He is a driver forward and relaxed comfortably on the back. The in-command driver environment with intuitive controls and a touchscreen that is close at hand when the driver came to her – all operated from a seat that is inspired by the ultra-comfortable. Passengers in the back seat is embraced by pure comfort. The interior form in the back seat and become part of the center environment. The sensor dynamics and dark colors of the front seats chaining backwards until it is transformed into a light rear seat haven of calmness. Volvo Universe Concept is full of classic shapes, materials and textures that are used with a twist to create a special experience of contemporary luxury.

Dynamic nuances and dark color schemes on the front seat with a smooth fade from front to back, so that the display image color change from dark to light. Improved passenger comfort through the use of a textured material chair with a classic format.

Shanghai Public gets first chance to see the future of Volvo’s car while providing input on the car picture of a desired future. From Shanghai, Concept Universe will be brought to Europe and America to be introduced as well as get input from the public on both continents.


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