2012 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet at Geneva Motor Show

February 24th, 2011 by By auto # Volkswagen

The 2012 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet at the new 81st Geneva International Motor Show, volkswagen is writing a new chapter of global success story, the four-seater has an innovative soft top with an electro-hyraulic drive that opens the Golf’s top in just 9.5 seconds. The new GOlf is one of the quiestest convertibles today. Its sooting quitness is attributable to the new soft top that was optimised in specific ways. It also has standard hyraulic drive that opens the Golf’s top extremely quickly. The new volkswagen’s styling follws that of its hard-top three-door counterpart, but it shows a high level of independece with a new rear section, lower profile roof line and more swept-back angle of its front windscreen frame. Other standard safety features offering peace of mind are the automatically deploying roll-over bar, front airbags, side head/thorax airbags, knee airbag for the driver and ESP. A range of six turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines will be offered worldwide, five of them available with dual-clutch transmissions and three with BlueMotion technology.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet has returned. One of the most popular line of convertibles ever made, the Golf Cabrio has been missing from the VW range since the MkIV model was cancelled in 2003. Even so, the most recent Cabrio was simply a MkIII car with a touched-up front end, meaning that the last new Golf Cabrio was actually introduced way back in 1993. This, then, is a bit of a milestone. What of the Eos, you ask? A fine question. Arguably more closely related to the Jetta in the first place, the Eos will continue alongside the Golf Cabriolet (not to mention the New Beetle convertible, which is due to end production this year before its replacement comes along). The Eos is longer than the Golf Cabrio, though the same wheelbase ensures similar interior dimensions. The Eos also incorporates a retractable hard-top while the new Golf Cabriolet goes the fabric roof route, covering both bases. The Golf’s mechanism takes just 9.5 seconds to drop and can be operated at speeds up to 18 miles per hour. With the roof itself acting as tonneau cover, less trunk space is compromised.

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