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As a boss and owner of popular eating places in the City of Pemalang, Damar Kamandaru already from the first Amendment streetfighter. But, the owner of this Danu slang name, want to have a new impression. “I like MotoGP or WSBK. So also want to view sports like that,” Jambe RM vent Twins owner who is located at Jl. Gatot Subroto, Belik, this Pemalang.
The owner also Shrimp shipping business in the city, Cirebon is an order to Ripto, Ripto modifications homeowners Custom Bike (RCB), Banyumas. “I’m trying to build in accordance with the owner desires. While there are nuances in the design streetfighter body, but try to lead like the RC211V MotoGP style,” said builder who ngendon in Kutaliman, Kedungbanteng, Banyumas.
Ripto’s works from the first condensed streetfighter WJS (West Central Java Style). Street fighter motorcycles characterized by efficient and nungging buttocks. But because the owner’s request must be scented MotoGP, eventually combined with the fairing WJS flow. Problem raw material of the body, dispensing Ripto fiberglass so the dough is perfect.
To model the head lamp fairing, builder berbodi this tiny pair of light variation on the front congor. If viewed as if no lights, only the mouthpiece of the wind kind of motor Dani Pedrosa. Eh taunya royal headlights.
Of course with taper design and remain a distinct line features Ripto claim. Robust design department, pointed and sharp it makes the motor look nice visually. Meanwhile, the design includes a flat side of the tank body is made which is not too large. Connect with a second design that pursues nuance WJS streetfighter style that stands out in the form of the rear tail. Emang deliberately contrived tight and tiny.
Problem exhaust, Ripto still prefer a streetfighter style. If MotoGP style, there is always next to or under tail. But, Ripto exhaust position was put under the machine.
Front tire: Bridgestone120/60-17
Rear tire: 180/60-17 Bridgestone
Rims: Suzuki GSX750
Sok back: Suzuki GSX 750
RCB: 0816-4289-149

source : motorplus

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