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Modified Honda Blade of the city itself is not as good from the results of our artificial. Oto2 Ototrend grimy tabloid edition of the latest 411. Honda Blade is competes in the contest yesterday in the plaza the Royal Honda Surabaya (date 28 February 2009). Budiono owner of Pigeon Motor, Honda dealers Probolinggo area. He said he really desperate adherents Pingin otocontest 2009 Honda contests modifications that indeed this year so menasional. Which makes Lent Modified modifnya workshop in Probolinggo East Java.
When viewed at a glance workmanship bodinya indeed special. Although the OEM was also already looks good, make Budiono still dimodif again. “Bodywork is inspired by his CBR600, because very dynamic and sporty,” Adi honest, retainer Modified Lent. By Adi, all dikombo fibertrend, from the front cover, side fairing, panels up to the stern. One thing, precision and fitting curve of the body are all concerned by it. “Origin of pairs without a clear concept of less good results, because it takes a month to work on,” he added. There also is left headlights, and contrived disemoke orsi which slanted so typical abis Blade uncovered. One thing, before this body plus a tiny windshield, extending to the side and ends at the stern sidecover nungging. Finish, white screen with minimal graphics.
Body new course must be coupled with the right legs. Edan, groom one rear foot package Ex NSR-SP, a full rim, single-arm disc to. Also suitable for the front tomorrow dikombo Gasoli Custom-made with double disc PSM. Sturdy and sip buanget!. Said the owner a set of legs this SP has spent 8 million more funds. Crazy!
SOK DPN: Gasoli Custom, discs DPN: Double disc PSM, MASTER / KALIPER: Brembo 2 piston, SWING ARM: NSR-SPs, SOK BLK: NSR, SP, discus BLK: Nissin, a rim DPN: Power 250-17, BAN BLK : Orsi NSR-SP, DPN BAN: Battlax 110-70-17, BAN BLK: Battlax 120-170-17, BODYPART: Custom, FOOTPEG: Yoshimura, epoxy / CAT / CLEAR: Suzuka / Danagloss / Sikkens, modifier: Modified Lent Jl. Sukarno Hatta Probolinggo 93, HP: 081 332 111 248, MODIF COST: USD 27 millions, OLD MODIF: 1 month.

source : Ototrend

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How marvellous, mantap gan

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