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Year 2009 has ended. As an artist alias modifkator bodywork two wheels, Adhi Wicaksono Danukusuma, of Lent this Probolingo Automodified want to close with the beautiful. Name of magnitude as the one who became known nationally in the public sphere MODIF stake. “I want to make the cover of prestigious works,” said Adhi serious.

Selected object is owned by Honda Blade Budiono. This man is not the vice president are pretty, but skipper Pigeon Honda Motor second dealer in Probolinggo, East Java. “Surely this is a phenomenal work, so I support abizz,” said Budi, who is an old friend Adhi.

“Because the base is a Honda motorcycle, so the concept of modification that I chose this time referring to the Honda CBR600. Here I will try to move the design CBR600 which had a real sports genre on Blade duck,” said modifier commonly addressed these Siwe.

But of course, to trace a total doi prestige as well. “Remember, I did not trace 100 percent Honda CBR600. These are just concepts and reference only. Because the total overall modification of pure improvisation and the results of my thinking,” explained the modifier of the workshop on Jl. Soekarno Hatta, No. 93, Probolinggo. Oh wait, do not be emotional. Nothing is accusing plagiarism.

Siwe’s not talk nonsense. The idea applied in this duck was perfect. Harmonization and details well preserved. Blade slender body that was originally present has been erased, changed the look like a factory-made motor gede. Containing and solid.

With ‘clothes’ of this new effect on the legs that look less balanced if it still maintains the original. “Hence, to compensate, I use a set of legs Honda NSR-SP. The system of pro-arm was very worth it when juxtaposed with the new bodywork,” point to another man who confessed avid aka RC remote control to play this.

The dominance of yellow color with a combination of motives Honda CBR600-style graphics make this Budi besutan looks fierce. “It is suitable to fill the display dealerku,” Budi proud.

Yes boss!


Views are now fully equipped motorcycle fairing requires carefulness in the selection of head lamp. Especially if you trace the concept that led to the Honda CBR600. Siwe had made dizzy.

“After hunting in some of the stock variation Honda Airblade finally got a match,” he said. Although not exactly the same shape but at least it was similar.

The front of this glance does look forward or monyong rada. But overall still acceptable. Meaning is still in fair value.

At the top of the head lamp is paired Visor kind of dark. “This is a variation which is often applied Ninja 250R community,” said the bespectacled man was a minus.

Tail section that looked as if the front balance forward earlier. Made of thin and long taper, still equipped with a stop lamp.


Front tire                             : Battlax BT-90 110/70-17

Rear tire                               : Battlax BT-90 120/70-17

Front rim                             : Honda NSR150-SP

Rear rim                               : Honda NSR150-SP

Airs next                              : Gazoli upside down

Footstep                              : Yoshimura

Swing-arm                          : Honda NSR150-SP

Lent Automodified          : (0335) 422211 / 081332111248

Author / Photo                 : Ronie

source : motorplus


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October 8th, 2010 at 08:02 by ikbal mutakin

cara modif lampu depan gimana ?
lampu apa yang di pake ?

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