2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Cars Release in Japan

March 1st, 2012 by By auto # Toyota

2013 Toyota Aqua has been released in Japan will be a tough opponent for the Honda Jazz / Fit hybrid. 2013 Toyota Aqua combines comfort, breadth of interior and stylish design. However, the present acceleration and agility fun. This car will go on sale in Japan at a price of 1.69 yen, Aqua will target the segment of young people who expect the fuel-efficient vehicles.

2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Cars Release in Japan

The 2012 “Toyota Aqua” hybrid run 40 kilometers per liter. The Toyota Aqua is used the same powertrain as the Toyota Prius, but is cheaper than it’s rival hybrid cars of other Japanese car companies, which mean new Aqua will beat fuel-efficiency at least 25 percent or more. The new car is marketed for Japan’s domestic sale, however export to overseas countries is will be available by dealer and exporter.

Aqua is a hybrid electric-gasoline cars. Toyota gasoline engine mated 1NZ-FXE 1.5-liter-powered 74 hp at 4800 rpm and torque of 111 Nm at 3600-4400 rpm. An electric motor produces 51 hp power and 169 Nm of torque. Marriage and motorcycle struck the engine power 100 hp. Cars with Nickel-metal hydride batteries is only drank 1 liter of gasoline for a distance of 35.4 to 40 km.

Toyota‘s Aqua will also be marketed in the United States with the nickname of the Prius C is targeted sold over 12,000 units per month in Japan. With hybrid engines, Toyota expects sales of Aqua could help target year 2012 total sales increased by 20 percent.

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