2011 Suzuki Regina Concept At Tokyo Motor Show

December 6th, 2011 by By auto # Suzuki

New 2011 Suzuki Regina Concept At Tokyo Motor Show, one of the trio of city car concepts revealed by Suzuki in Tokyo. Suzuki put the idea in a mini-car concept design. Regina Suzuki Concept will be a small car (compact) for the future that is destined for global markets. There’s more than a hint of classic Citroën about the design with the rear echoing the 1950s DS and several other details reminiscient of the Citroën Ami. Those fantastic retro shapes hide some distinctly modern technology. The Regina has a low coefficient of drag, giving the 1,609 pound Suzuki and its small, naturally-aspirated gasoline engine little to fight against on its way to a claimed 72.3 mpg.

Visible on the exterior of this car combines modern design with a retro-futuristic elements, a rounded body shape. Line body firmly to the back also adds to the impression of a classic. Rear fender section that covers some of the tire. Regina Suzuki has a dimension of 3550 mm in body length, width 1630 mm and height 1430 m, 2425 mm wheelbase as well as distance and weighs 730 kg makes it slightly smaller than the hatchback Suzuki Swift. Aerodynamics drag coefficient is smaller guaranteed 10% of the models that exist today.

While the interior brings a futuristic model by placing the panels on the touch-screen model of the center console. Green color also dominate the cabin from the display screen on the console, a seat to the floor. The dimensions are compact too, befitting a car designed for crowded Japanese cities. At 11.6 feet long, 5.3 wide and 4.7 feet high it’s 1.3 feet shorter, four inches narrower and just over an inch lower than a Ford Fiesta.

For the engine, this car uses a turbocharged 800cc ready to drive the front wheels. Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) said Regina fuel consumption of 32 km / liter and emit just 70g/km of CO2.

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