2011 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet Unique

February 27th, 2011 by By auto # Smart

The 2011 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet is one of the most unique cars on the road, but works best in an urban environment. The Smart Fortwo is a goofy-looking car, and even sillier in cabriolet form. But it is designed with a surprising amount of practicality. In cities, you can park where no car has parked before. And any city dweller knows the value of that. The cabin does not feel cramped, as long as you only try to put two people in it, and the cargo area is actually useful.

We won’t say the Fortwo is a high-tech roller. In stock form the two-speaker stereo doesn’t even come with a CD player. But it can be optioned up, a cure for most of its issues. You can even upgrade to power steering. A compact design makes the 2011 Smart ForTwo an excellent urban vehicle, and its unique looks make it instantly identifiable. Smart offers an iPhone app to replicate many cabin tech functions.

The 2011 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet is despite the convertible top and the opposite of sporty, this is not a grand tourer appropriate for weekend wine country excursions. The Smart ForTwo is a bona fide city car, its boxy shape about as un-carlike as you can imagine. Smart snazzes up the ForTwo in its Cabriolet version by fitting it with a clever, if frivolous, soft top. The Smart ForTwo on its own is like an engineering nerd. With the convertible top, it’s like an engineering nerd wearing a silk shirt. In its first stage, the top rolls back to open up the roof. Press the open button again, and the top bunches up behind the car. At this point, the roof rails can be manually snapped off and stowed inside the rear hatch, which is really going to be too much effort for most people, given that the reward is merely making the identity of the driver even more visible.

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