Supercar Sbarro GT1

November 8th, 2010 by By auto # Sbarro

The Sbarro GT1 has a beautiful body design with curved lines sharpened over his body, Sbarro GT1 vehicle is classified as super-exclusive. Because in this world there is only one unit of Sbarro GT1 are born into the world. Since the beginning, just as the Sbarro GT1 supercar concept shown to the front in 1999.

However, although this was only a display car, do not underestimate his abilities. For carrying Sbarro GT1 V8 engine from AMG is capable of spewing power 600 hp and bring it ran up to the speed of 323.4 km per hour. It is not known how far the car is driven, but considering the status of this car as a display car, then chances are the number km in the indicator panel is still very low. Well if you are interested, Sbarro T1 car is the only one in this world will be auctioned with an estimated price of 1 million Euros.

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