2010 Sbarro Autobau

June 15th, 2010 by By auto # Sbarro

Latest Cars crowded the Geneva Motor Show auto show. One was by the concept cars look cool and technologically sophisticated. But who would have thought, one of dozens or even hundreds of cars in attendance was slipping obscure concept car models, even arguably tacky. And more than that, the car model concept can be seen if most of adopting from a variety of car models in the world. Sbarro Autobau from the front corner of the car is like a super fast car a Ferrari or Lamborghini too.

But still not clear exactly what the designers highlighted by car. In section A to C pillars are like lis. Do not know what the trim function even though the car door open all hydraulic adopt. While from the front of the car like the Lamborghini Gallardo, adopt 2 holes which function to air. But the difference 2 holes Sbarro Autobau almost coincide. They say the car is often paced four-wheeled exhibition in Europe. Other Side of the humanist if the car is made for Swiss drivers Fredy Lienhard.

If you looked behind the car like a racing car era of the 70s who applied four exhaust. While at the stern there is no bumper, but just like the spoiler in the left-right Sbarro Autobau. But still do not understand the function of the instrument.

But do not take for granted, although no clear-looking, Sbarro Autobau adopt V12 engine that can issue a power of 500 hp. Unfortunately not Sbarro the engine performance in detail described Autobau.

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