2010 Espera Sbarro Orange Speed’R concept

October 5th, 2010 by By auto # Sbarro

Prestigious auto show Paris Motor Show is still going on until the 17th of October. But among the hundreds of cars from car brands that are well known, tucked into a sports car made by students. Students of Espera Sbarro School of Design, France is proud to reconcile their work car in the middle of one of Europe’s biggest car show is. And another great, although the work of students, who called Orange Speed’R car this concept turned out to carry many of the latest technology and is not inferior to cars manufactured by the manufacturer of the world.

Sbarro Orange Speed’R concept that a joint partnership with the multimedia company Orange has been carrying a variety of sophisticated devices. Car ignition key alone can use the phone. All features on the car can be operated only by touching the screen in his cabin. And before leaving the garage, the users of Orange Speed’R concept can also monitor the state of the streets of Paris in real time through a screen that is connected with local officials webcam.

In addition, because the car ignition is only used mobile phones, Orange Speed’R concept also offers a new technology called Valeo NFC Access System concept where car-sharing and can be used by other users with their own mobile phone without reducing the level of the same security as the original key.

As for users of the iPhone, Orange Speed’R concept can also get all the latest news, information and reviews directly to their iPhone that is connected with this car.

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