2012 Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase

April 29th, 2011 by By auto # Rolls Royce

The new Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The award-winning, four-seater Ghost has seen outstanding demand since its worldwide launch in 2009. Designed as a vision of simplicity, it is a Rolls-Royce that drives and rides in peerless fashion. Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase takes this principle further, designed as a car to drive or in which to be chauffeured. It will be built to order and is available in only limited numbers for 2011 until full production begins in 2012. The interior has been improved in Ghost Extended Wheelbase variant with the addition of 170 mm wheelbase of the car, but without prejudice to the balanced proportions of the model and a great contemporary design. Legroom is significantly better knee room than doubled compared with the standard Ghost. Increased cabin space in the rear passenger compartment and a panoramic sunroof sets new standards for interior and light. effortless entry and exit of passengers strengthens the position of pinnacle Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the ultra-luxury segment.

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase met the standard 6.6-liter twin turbocharged V12 engine that delivers everything 563hp and 575 lb-ft of torque at just 1500 rpm. The extra dimension has not diminished the sprints Ghost rate to 60 mph, so expect the same five seconds. CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, “This latest Rolls-Royce is a model of outstanding design and unrivalled luxury. Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase delivers all the poise and dynamism enjoyed by discerning Ghost owners, with the indulgent experience of an extended wheelbase car. It is the very best of both worlds.

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