Renault R4 Rally Concept Design By Yann Terrer and Jerome Garzon

November 29th, 2011 by By auto # Renault

The R4 Rally design entry submitted by the French designer, Yann Terrer and Jerome Garzon, for the online design contest hosted on the web portal ‘’. The contest had received more than three thousands entries from designers around the world. Design Boom had organized the contest in collaboration with the French Automaker ‘Renault’.

R4 Rally is a concept car based on the mythical Renault 4 outlines. This new design takes into consideration most of factors regarding sustanable development. One of the most efficient middle is to focus on energy cYcle on all stage of building and life of the car. The main body is made of streched fabrics on tubular structure in order to use considerably less energy than a body made of steel for example. Like furniture, we can observe that a car is used for moving but most of the time it stays immobile. It should be interesting to build on this fact by bringing a new fonction when the car parks: generate electricty with solar energy to reload it’s battery and when it’s charged to bring electricity for your house.

The R4 Rally is a concept car by parisian designers yann terrer of tylt design and jérôme garzon of machin machin. Focusing on the energy cycle, this proposed redesign is a solar-powered vehicle which integrates nanotechnology with environmentally friendly materials. Based on the iconic outlines of the renault 4, ‘r4 rally’ adds sustainable factors to improve efficiency during the car’s manufacture as well as its use. The concept is one of fifty projects shortlisted from over 3200 submissions from 92 countries in designboom’s recent RENAULT 4 EVER competition,which asked participants to redesign the renault 4 with an eye towards historical lineage, contemporary aesthetics, and sustainable design.

The R4 Rally made of stretched textiles on a tubular structure, the body uses considerably less energy during production than a conventional one made of steel. The doors are also open structures that require less material for manufacture. using nanotechnology, this body fabric allows solar energy to be
absorbed and harnessed; the glass window surfaces are likewise converted into solar panels. Having observed that the majority of a car’s life is spent unused and immobile, ‘r4 rally’ gives parked cars the new function of generating electricity–for both its own battery and general domestic use.

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