2011 Porsche Singer 911 Green Review

March 26th, 2011 by By auto # Porsche

Porsche we know as one of the latest car maker, to introduce back in 2011 classic cars this is 2011 Porsche Singer911. Porsche Singer 911 is stripped of its shell to start reinvention. Reincarnation retains the wheelbase of origin, A pillar approach, roof, suspension assembly and transaxle mounting points. Car classic in design with 2 doors is the more classic looks with a monocoque (unibody) is cleaned and media blasted to bare metal and then treated for rust prevention. All bodywork to be Replaced is stripped from the car and the chassis receives additional welding and strengthening in preparation for its new bodywork.

The Porsche Singer 911 is equipped with competition proven Brembo calipers (4-pot) and rotors from 917 and 930 models. The brakes will be peeking out from behind period-evoking Zuffenhaus, lightweight, five-spoke, three-piece forged aluminum wheels. 17 x 9-inch front wheels wrapped in sticky, modern Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires measuring 225/45/17 and rear wheels measure 17 x 11 inch 275/40/17 tire wear.

The Porsche Singer 911 uses the most advanced air / oil-cooled engine 911 of the 993rd However, the aim of the standard engine of 3.6 liters was to develop a more modern rendering of the air / engine design oil cooled.  With the help of U.K.-based, Ninemeister, masterminded by engineer, Colin Belton, and constructed in San Francisco by famed engine builder Jerry Woods Enterprises, is the stock 3.6-liter engine rebuilt at around 3.82 liters . The engine has been rebuilt with premium components successfully developed and proven through Ninemeister’s racing exploits. The Singer 911 engine achieves its displacement with Ninemeister 103mm pistons and cylinders, the 76.4mm crankshaft of the 997 GT3, and the 132mm lightweight titanium connecting rods. Short stroke combination can rotate at 8000 rpm, but offers a broad torque curve flexible. The key to power is highly developed Ninemeister billet aluminum, that allows this 12-valve engine to compete with the power of water-cooled 24-valve engines in the latest version of GT3. For customers, the engine will be available in two states of height – and luxury tourism. Singer has a tune producing about 360 hp with a broad torque range. For best performance, the method of precise control of the tune provides 425 hp and 340 lbs. ft. of torque. An oil pump 997 GT3RS moves oil through the Porsche Singer 911 high capacity dry sump system will be improved with an enhanced fan-assisted cooling system. Race Car spec stainless steel hose and fittings used in combination Singer 911. The bulletproof 3.82 liter engine is matched to a six-speed transaxle almost indestructible G50 was revised with a ratio close to wheels, and slip differential limited. Twin plate clutch carbon withstand 700 pounds. ft. of torque and a lightweight flywheel helps the engine to the transmission. Porsche Singer 911 expels engine fumes through lightweight stainless steel heat exchangers that flow to 100 cell catalytic converters, and a Singer Design stainless steel muffler that helps enhance the motor’s sonorous tone.


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