The Electric Concept Peugeot Leoo 2

November 30th, 2011 by By auto # Peugeot

Many of the designers who have a view of a vehicle concept of a mini or small-sized vehicle that already exist. Small cars here cheaper and more effective for the placement of parking that does not require extensive land and easier. The concept vehicle designers also maximize battery That Their run on electric powertrains. In this latest peugeout designers have a small electric car concept that is Peugeot Leoo 2 electric concept by Turkish designer Tumer.

Initially modeled for a competition, the Peugeot Leoo 2 electric concept is a city car that can be built in both two-and four-wheel avatars to suit the city environment as well as the users’ needs. With a steering-ball replacing the steering wheel, and human-skeleton like seats, the interiors of the Peugeot Leoo 2 electric concept are anything but ordinary. The two-seater is primarily aimed at professionals living in the city who need a ride to commute to and from work and do not want to drive around a larger car and do not want to carpool or use the public transport system either.

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