2011 Vilner Mercedes-Benz ML 350 Review

March 26th, 2011 by By auto # Mercedes-Benz

The New 2011 Vilner Mercedes-Benz ML 350 to be released Mercedes-Benz. Vilner is a well known custom studio which has chalked out a plan to design Mercedes-Benz ML 350 edition. Mercedes-Benz ML 350 will present the new touch exterior modifications by Vilner. The new car tuning package is updated and functional. This car will be properly updated using lightweight metal sheets and beautifully decorated car accessories. Special focus has been given on the door decoration of this Mercedes-Benz ML 350 edition.

Vilner car designers are very experienced and they will decorate the interior section of the compartment of the car by installing dashboard with hidden drawers. The car compartment is also designed with retractable and adjustable car seats. High quality leather upholsters are used to design the car seats. Side inset glass mirror casings will be used to decorate interior portion of the car cabin. Alcantara leather is durable and soft.

This car will be more energy-efficient with lowest carbon emission rate. Experts will apply their vast experience in the upgradation of the car. Mercedes Benz ML 350 is upgraded with sophisticated automatic transmission, powertrain, cylinders, clamshaft, dampers, exhaust system, and carbon diffuser. There is also an air spoiler to cool the ambience inside the car. There are sun visors in the compartment to check sunlight. In addition, Vilner experts have also decided to use well trimmed silver carbon instead of weighty mahogany for the interior décor of the car. The car will not spew lethal carbon in the shape of dark fume in the air. There is enough storage space inside the car cabin.

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