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Yamaha Jupiter MX is one type of duck sports present in Indonesia. He look like the sporty 135 cc engine and the use of water cooling (radiator) and Also made a clutch-type duck the motor behavior at this time. He looks a sporty cans still be modified or amended in order to Appear Some more



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Modified Honda Blade of the city itself is not as good from the results of our artificial. Oto2 Ototrend grimy tabloid edition of the latest 411. Honda Blade is competes in the contest yesterday in the plaza the Royal Honda Surabaya (date 28 February 2009). Budiono owner of Pigeon Motor, Honda dealers Probolinggo area. He

Suzuki Skywave 2008 (Malang)

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Saat memperhatikan Suzuki Skywave milik M. Subhan Sahroni ini, kesan yang pertama muncul adalah enggak ribet. Meskipun roda belakang sudah mundur dan ada penambahan di bagian bodi, tapi semuanya tetap enak dilihat. “Sebab prinsip saya meskipun banyak yang dirombak tapi tetap terlihat wajar, enggak aneh,” kata Roni, panggilannya sehari-hari


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Year 2009 has ended. As an artist alias modifkator bodywork two wheels, Adhi Wicaksono Danukusuma, of Lent this Probolingo Automodified want to close with the beautiful. Name of magnitude as the one who became known nationally in the public sphere MODIF stake. “I want to make the cover of prestigious works,” said Adhi serious


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As a boss and owner of popular eating places in the City of Pemalang, Damar Kamandaru already from the first Amendment streetfighter. But, the owner of this Danu slang name, want to have a new impression. “I like MotoGP or WSBK. So also want to view sports like that,” Jambe RM vent Twins owner who