New Ranger Single Cab 4×2

January 13th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Ford

2.5L Turbo Diesel Intercooler (TDi), 4×2, 5-speed Manual Transmission.

The New Ranger Single Cab 4×2 is a legendary workhorse. With the best in class load capacity, New Ranger is capable of carrying some seriously big cargo. The legendary 2.5 litre turbo diesel Indirect injection engine also gives you loads of power accomplish your duty. New Ranger Single Cab 4×2 provides those all important creature comforts like CD & MP3 player to help you through the work day.

Ford Ranger Single Cabin is designed for the toughest working conditions. The 2.5 litre (4X2) and 2.9 litre (4X4), engines feature OHC and 12 valves to deliver best in class power and torque, while providing quiet, smooth and economical operation. They deliver excellent torque at low engine speeds to make easy work of load carrying, tough off road and highway undertakings.

Ford Ranger Single cabin is capable of carrying more load, and combined with the tough engine, Ford Ranger Single Cabin is a reliable business partner.

Source : Ford

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