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New Ford Fiesta will be launched in Thailand a few months back with strong graphics and bold kinetic design elements. The contoured bonnet and toned muscularity of its surfaces. Fiesta asserts an air of confidence, stylishness and individuality. The face of kinetic design features a large open lower trapezoidal grille that is as much a design element as it is a functional feature drawing in air to improve engine cooling and AC function.

This large open lower area is often compared with an elite athlete with wide open mouth breathing in air to maximise performance. Kinetic design expresses energy in motion, athleticism and the refined driving dynamics that are a primary quality of every Ford vehicle such as the Ford Focus.

New Fiesta’s headlamps are immediately recognisable. As a kinetic design element they form part of the shoulder shape and extend aggressively rearward almost as far as the stylishly raked A-pillars. The headlamps incorporate all primary front lighting and signal functions – complemented on the lower bumper flanks by round fog lamps.

The all-new Ford Fiesta’s profile emphasises its poised attitude and sporty style. The sweeping roofline extends appealingly from the forward-stretching A-pillar rearward, framing the bold graphic of the Fiesta side window DLO (day light opening) profile to create the sporty feeling for the five-door body style.

The Fiesta side windows combine to create a unified profile window graphic – a key kinetic design element that communicates dynamism. The unified side glass graphic is further accentuated by the signature Ford “kick-up” at its rear.

The bold, pronounced wheel arches highlight the new Fiesta’s confident stance and on-road dynamic abilities.

Dynamic, kinetic design lines arc from side to side, uniting the upper corners of the tail lamps with the distinctive spoiler, which incorporates a thin stop lamp. The sculpture of the body shapes is accented by elements like the new tail lamp which feels like it is an integral part of the body – and the V-shaped tailgate’s chamfered rear glass.

Inner Kinetic

The architecture of the Fiesta’s instrument panel, with sensuous curves and full shapes, make a typical, upright centre stack design seem distinctly old fashioned. Fiesta’s interior features full surfaces and flowing contours – especially the instrument panel and door panels. The interior design elements visually echo the exterior’s kinetic design.

The centre stack is a principal feature of the interior. Aesthetically, it follows the contours of the instrument panel, rising to frame a large LCD screen system incorporated in the upper dash. The Fiesta features the latest-generation Human Machine Interface (HMI). This technology alone indicates the level of sophistication offered in the Fiesta in Thailand and other ASEAN markets. Functionally, a key element of the centre stack design is the decoupling of the traditional elements of the entertainment system – the screen, control elements and the electronics. Separating these elements allowed designers to place controls and buttons for optimal ergonomics.

The layout is intuitive, and the functional logic is very similar to that used on the latest electronic gadgets. This system philosophy gives the centre stack a different feel than that of traditional automotive switchgear. And the new-generation of Fiesta buyer in Thailand will immediately be comfortable with the centre stack layout. This is an example of the background thinking Ford designers and engineers have invested into the new Fiesta with the desired result of an intelligent interior that exceeds the standards typical in the small-car segment.

Fiesta’s AC and temperature controls – highlighted in a lozenge shape at the midpoint of the centre stack – feature large easy-to-control twist dials reachable by driver and front passenger.

The centre stack flows into the centre console to provide storage areas, including a tray for a mobile phone or an MP3 player alongside the handbrake. An AUX plug-in port and 12-volt socket are conveniently nearby.

The primary gauges – speedometer and rev counter – are uniquely framed by binocular-shaped, short tunnels of brightwork which complement the centre stack and front vent surrounds. Touches of brightwork highlight the steering wheel and door releases.

The Fiesta is refreshing and sophisticated, so completely distinctive – as well as fun, dynamic and exciting.


Just as the new Ford Fiesta’s kinetic exterior imparts motion, the interior is ideally designed for the dynamic act of driving.

As dramatic on the inside as it is on the outside, the Fiesta’s creative use of dynamic lines, surface touchpoints and bold graphics delivers aesthetically on the inside, and is designed to invoke the same familiarity and usefulness as the exterior.

Boldly shaped surfaces and contrasting colours and materials feature in an enveloping twin cockpit design that wraps around the driver and passenger, creating individual space. Through the application of carefully developed colours and trims, the all-new Fiesta’s interior meets the customer’s desires with a playful sense of fashion and sophistication.

From the driver’s seat, the eye is drawn immediately to the striking instrument panel. The bold analogue graphics on the car’s instrumentation are easy to read, while control stalks are precise and placed within easy finger-tip activation for the driver.

The centre console is the focal point of the car, with radio/CD, heating-ventilation and air-conditioning controls all ergonomically designed for ease of use and to convey a feeling of quality. Every button and switch has been crafted with minute attention to detail.

Designed for a global population familiar with the design language and intuitive operation of mobile phones and personal music players, the Fiesta’s Human Machine Interface (HMI), connects you to your life through Bluetooth and voice activation control. USB and AUX features ensure you can always listen to your favourite music through your MP3 player.

Clever storage solutions in this well-designed cockpit create an environment that feels completely sophisticated. Included is a cup holder located in the console, additional pockets in the doors and on the seat backs.

While the expressive interior is designed primarily for younger customers, traditional buyers will also be pleasantly surprised at the packaging which conveys both sophistication and luxury without sacrificing form and function. New Fiesta’s design subtly reminds drivers that small and fuel efficient does not have to entail a compromise of style and good looks.

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