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January 15th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Toyota

Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Exhibition reveals more of the future electric car technology, as reflected in the Toyota FT-EV II concept car that diperkenalkakn in this exhibition.
With new battery technology and radical design that has never existed before, this concept car shows what kind of car would be electricity in the future. This is Toyota’s vision of future vehicles.

II FT-EV actual evolutionary improvement of FT-EV concept that has been displayed at 2009 Detroit Auto Show. FT-EV II was the forerunner to electrically powered city car future.
FT-EV II is smaller than any other Toyota models, even compared to Toyota iQ micro-car (four-passenger car in the world’s smallest). With such a small size, the FT-EV II still can accommodate four people with a layout of three plus one, like the Toyota iQ. Composition of three adults and one child. If not used, the child seat can also be the place where the goods changed their function. Efficiency key space II FT-EV is a careful arrangement and to be careful about the placement of the battery and electric motor. The result, the front room that can be utilized for the passenger compartment.
Sliding door provides easy access in and out. The door is very practical model for urban areas that have limited parking space, where the spacing between parked cars is very narrow.

Electric motor can propel the car until 100km/jam with the ability to roam up to 90km.

The most glaring absence in the interior is the steering wheel, replaced the control stick similar to that used aircraft.
Toyota is also designing a very wide windshield. Glass like this, in addition to improving visibility inside the driver’s passengers also feels roomy.
According to Toyota, the FT-EV II will use a much more sophisticated batteries of Lithium-ion battery, battery current best. As we all know, Toyota is developing battery technology that has the ability to store energy for up to 10 times higher than Li-ion, but the weight and smaller dimensions. The battery is estimated to be massively applied in electric and hybrid cars over the next decade.

“We are looking for something better than Lithium-ion batteries,” said Akihiro Yanaka, project manager for Toyota’s sophisticated cars. By using more sophisticated batteries, battery size can be made more compact, while peformanya actually increased. That is why Toyota designed the FT-EV II was so tiny, even smaller than the FT-EV.

Toyota did not stop its efforts to increase the efficiency of electric motor systems such pengerak and battery. Yataka explained, Toyota also seeks to improve the efficiency of other components. Examples AC, which includes wasteful of energy. This effort to reduce the burden of energy sources.

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