Concept Future MTRC (Motor Triathlon Race Car)

January 18th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Toyota

Is the design of sport utility vehicles that will be used by the driver. This vehicle has a design and concept that is very sporty. Later, it will be the star of the Gran Turismo 4, a video game icon. Dynamic driving functions provided by Toyota‘s Fuel Cell without exhaust emissions and by-wire system that uses the four wheel motors elekrik by giving control to the wheels in parallel. Suspension height adjustment, and the ability to beradaptasii tires on road conditions add to the enjoyment

In-Wheel Motor

MTRC complemented by four electric motors at each wheel, driven by a fuel cell that emits nothing but water higrogen H2O or zero emission. So that the MTRC is an environmentally friendly sports car.

Fuel Cell Hybrid

MTRC proved that racing cars could use an environmentally friendly hybrid engine, but still showing a good performance racing engines. Fuel Cell Hybrid or FC Stack uses hydrogen and emits nothing but water as a result of his side.

Mixed Reality

This innovative technology allows drivers and passengers to monitor a variety of information through the media, Head Up Display (HUD). For example monitoring the temperature of the road, tire condition, speed, or interact with other devices in optimizing the performance of the car.

Aerodynamic efficiency

Curved rear spoiler that gives the best aerodynamic efficiency provided by this car’s front nose. MTRC entire body design is intended to set the optimal air flow to provide increased speed and overall stability of the car.


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