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The concept is to break the old mindset, by producing a small car but the interior features spacious and high quality. Toyota‘s European design studio, ED2, located in southern France to translate the principles of design philosophy ‘vibrant clarity’ to iQ that looks modern, futuristic, intelligent, energetic, where the function and usefulness was obvious.

Toyota has created a compact car that is very efficient in the use of space and are designed to meet the lifestyle of the metropolitan cities of Europe to remain indifferent to the environment. Toyota iQ Concept strengthen our commitment to reducing vehicle emissions through innovative design. Its small size has become an alternative solution to the problems caused by the density of the city.
Aligning the two poles into one unified whole is the most important part in the iQ Concept. With a size of less than three meters long, the iQ uses a radical approach to vehicle design and packaging. With a very compact size, this car can accommodate three adults plus room for items that can be used to seat four, for the children.

Compact, sophisticated

IQ simple exterior design with wide figures produce an effect of solid and strong. From the side, verhang (distance from axle to the end of the bumper) is very short and the forward cabin, producing a dynamic impression while maximizing use of space inside the cabin. With 17-inch alloy wheels, short overhangs produce a strong and lively impression. Inside, the instrument panel with simple forms gemotris helped form an impression on the overall interior.
Toyota iQ is a four-passenger concept car, the smallest in the world. With a length of 2980 mm, mean 425 mm shorter than the Toyota Aygo, but comparable to the width and height of the Yaris is 1680 x 1480 mm. This car seat has three adults and one for children. In ordinary usage, driver and passenger sit side by side. By sliding the passenger seat forward, it is available for one additional adult passengers and children.
Such space-saving design helps to create interiors that relief. Plus miniaturization technologies such as heating a very compact unit that requires a much smaller space in the center console. Speed indicator, engine rpm and fuel blend. Audio and navigation controls placed on the steering bar and route information is projected as a head-up display.

Panoramic glass sunroof allows more light and creates the impression of an open and light and at night is more dark and mysterious.

The small size does not compromise with safety. Construction of cabins made very strong to absorb crash energy optimally.

Source : Toyota


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