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January 20th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Toyota

Sydney-Australia will display the Toyota Hybrid X concept car at the 2008 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, as announced Monday (8 / 9).

Through this concept car, Toyota will show what kind of hybrid cars in the future. Australia is a potential market for the Toyota hybrid in the future. Before the end of this decade, Toyota Camry Hybrid will be produced there.

Hybrid X show a new design philosophy for the future of hybrid vehicles from Toyota, the technology also would be applied in hybrid cars. Not only that hybrid technology is environmentally friendly but for safety and other supporting technologies. Toyota tech LED headlamp installed on the dashboard can display information yan once-secure information such as distance, acceleration and braking to another driver or pedestrian. The driver gets information such as the flow of energy, fuel consumption and gear position from the central control screen.

This concept car design is dominated two U shapes form the framework created by the glass ceiling and pillars A and C are not unusual. From above, looks like the letter X are large.
Hybrid X ² results of ED design, Toyota’s European styling center based in South of France. This concept vehicle has four seats, four doors and indicate where the future of Toyota design. Dimensions 4500mm x 1850mm x 1440mm (pxlxt) with a wheelbase 2800mm, equivalent to family size car.

Toyota says the design of this concept car will influence the entire Toyota model, not just a hybrid.

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