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Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc.. will release its latest concept vehicle pickup, the Toyota A-BAT at the exhibition in 2008 North American International Auto Show, Detroit, USA which will take place January 13 next. This pickup combines environmentally friendly technology, relief space, versatility and style.

“Driving from the suburbs to the city made a lot of people every day,” said Kevin Hunter, president Calthy Design Research, Inc.. “This compact pickup comfortable for long trips or going home from work each day behind places. And consumers have benefited from the power source of hybrid fuel economy and low emissions.

A-BAT concept was developed TMS Advanced Product Strategy and Calty, Toyota‘s research and design center in North America based in Newport Beach, California.
In its release, the TMS group with Calty identify the buyer who has a unique combination of life activities and vehicle needs but is not yet available in the automotive market. The team is creating a new genre of compact vehicle with economical fuel consumption, versatile, agile maneuver, his style is unique and powerful for an active lifestyle.

A-BAT uses unibody construction platform to generate such control when snaking sedan in city traffic density and the crowded parking lot. Plus the smooth riding quality on the highway. Plus its light weight technology with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive makes fuel consumption very friendly bags. In addition, the top solar cell coated instrument panel to capture sunlight nodes, and then turn it into energy. This environmentally friendly pickup positioned below the Toyota Tacoma. A-BAT integrates truck features with the sedan to produce a modern and efficient package. Power source comes from the four-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motors, better known as the Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveÂ.

Exterior aerodynamic A-BAT result of collaboration Calty Project Chief Designer Ian Cartabiano and Creative Designer Matt Sperling. They integrated Toyota’s design philosophy, “Vibrant Clarity” by maintaining a modern design, clear and functional. “Overview of NATO all-terrain military vehicle inspired us to position the passenger bay front in order to maximize the capacity of bed (like luggage),” said Sperling. 19-inch tires with wheel, positioned in a corner to present the impression tough and alert.
Bed A-BAT size 4 feet (1.2 meters), but more flexible than standard pickups. Translucent roof panels can be shifted to a high load of luggage. If the divider in the middle (midgate) is folded down, increases bed length of 2 feet (0.6 m). By opening tailgate (rear door tub cover goods), an additional two feet again. A-BAT allow owners to bring a standard-sized plywood 4 x 8 and then took his family camping.

Bed perfectly equipped for work and play. Including tailgate light that illuminates the luggage on the bed, first aid box and a flashlight inside the tailgate also integrates an AC power outlet. Sporting goods and leisure can be stored in a locked drawer in the wall beds. There’s additional storage space that can be accessed through a sliding door put in and out of bed. A-BAT also has a large sliding drawer under the bed which can be accessed without opening the tailgate.
Although the exterior look of solid sturdy and vibrant, but the exterior appears modern. Its designers weighing and mixing colors and matching fabrics to create an impression of tough and energetic. “The inspiration behind the interior structure of the nude, is a modern mountain sepada framework,” said Daryl Harris, Senior Creative Designer. “We use lightweight materials for construction, such as carbon fiber and aluminum on the instrument panel, console and seats for increased structural rigidity while reducing weight.”

Because it has a battery pack, A-BAT could be equipped AC or DC power outlet, which can be used to turn on electric appliances, camping equipment, laptops, etc..

Door trim, armrest, and panel instruments using stronger materials, lightweight and comfortable. The colors were chosen for the present atmosphere of the beautiful interior. Pockets center console and door equipped with carbon fiber components for durability and modern appearance.
A-BAT which can accommodate four passengers, has a different seat configuration and storage. Dilengapi also a navigation system with 7 inch screen, and Wi-Fi Internet. Other advanced features include a hard drive for digital music.

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