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Toyota 1 / X Bringing the future into the present. Chicago Auto Show 2008 (February 8 to 17) watched again the commitment of Toyota to develop cars of the future. Premiering in North America, compact hybrid car, the Toyota 1 / X technology brings the future into the present, such as PR Newswire released from Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.., Wednesday (6 / 2).

Called ‘Se-per-X’ because of weight, fuel consumption and emissions are a fraction of each of the other cars in its class. Toyota 1 / X features an aerodynamic design, very lightweight, while still maintaining the interior space of the Toyota Prius. While the weight of the Prius. Application materials of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (carbon fiber reinforced plastic / CFRP) for body frame is light but very strong empty weight 420 kg.

The aerodynamic shape and unique cabin design result in smaller pillars. Passengers are pampered with better visibility, the atmosphere is more open and less confined, more bright and shiny. CFRP is stronger than traditional metals, creating a structure that functions like a shock absorber to absorb energy during an impact.

Consideration of environmental conservation covering the entire design process of this car since the first scratch made. The car that first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 it used a roof made from bio-plastics. This environmentally friendly material made from plant fibers of kenaf and hemp. The roof is filled with material such advantages, fewer carbon emissions, improve heat insulation, increases the amount of light entering and more quiet. Kenaf fiber material is also used Toyota vehicles the i-Real concept is phenomenal.

There are four ultra-lightweight seats made of polyester fibers, knitted three-dimensionally for added comfort. The material functions like a spring or damper, creating a cushion-like feel with the traditional weight for all occupants.

The ultra-lightweight and help achieve the target fuel consumption should be two times higher than the Prius-one of the world’s most efficient car and allow the 1 / X hybrid engine operates with very little that is stored under the rear seat. Hybrid Systems 1 / X combines the technology rechargeable plug-in hybrid with a 500cc engine is flex-fuel weight of one quarter weight of the Prius engine. The concept of hybrid plug-ins designed to accommodate a lithium-ion batteries would be rechargeable at home. This allows the Toyota 1 / X a distance of 960 km with a small tank containing four gallons (15 liters) of gasoline equivalent with the ability to accelerate the Prius.

Maintaining the safety of pedestrians and traffic flow in the opposite direction, Toyota does not use the lamp glare. Lamp LED system dominated the front. LED lighting helps reduce the glare caused by ordinary light. In the afternoon, all the LEDs glow softly illuminates the face.

Light weight gives designers the freedom to use the tires are smaller and thinner that helps reduce water splash during the rainy season. Tire grooves are designed so that spray does not lead to a pedestrian.
Toyota 1 / X is another example of how Toyota’s commitment to designing environmentally friendly vehicles, safe and innovative.

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