2012 Toyota Prius Hybird Electirc Vehicle (PHEV)

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The launch an official Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) concept car is started the Car Show, and now the test is added to the fleet of vehicles. This will launch the program culminates in August 2012 when the Toyota Prius is a plug-in available to the public. Toyota is testing the plug-in version of the Prius in fleets, in advance of sales to the public in 2012.

Early in the history of the Toyota Prius, the owners realized that the Americans lacked the EV mode switch included in the auto market in Japan. Thus was born the Prius first trick, restoring the functionality of this button on the cars of the United States. Then in 2004, took further CalCars Prius hackers, adding the ability to charge the battery in the network. CalCars states that the Prius gets 100 mpg hacked. Toyota is now promising the public a plug-in Prius as a 2012 model should not raise questions about what took so long. As with most car companies, Toyota is moving at a cautious pace, not wanting to risk a production line of a product that may prove to be a dud.

As part of their deployment, leaving disk Toyota Prius PHEV CNET for a week to assess the technology. Although this car has essentially the same features as the Toyota will be communicated to the public, is likely to be a degree of refinement on the basis of data from the test fleet. Consider the current Prius PHEV beta. Besides the stickers on the sides proclaiming that the Prius plug-in status. Sport outside a port of loading on the bridge left front fender of a hatch, like the fuel filler door backwards, the user of a charging port JA1772 standard connector for electric vehicles. Nobody should have a problem of separation of ports and fuel load.

Within the Prius PHEV, baggage undergoes a minor alteration. The load floor is located an inch to make room for a stack of lithium ion batteries below. This replaces the nickel-metal hydride battery for a standard Prius. And even if the lithium ion has the energy density than nickel-metal hydride batteries, the battery will still take up more space, because it has conserved enough electricity to drive the EV mode.

This is a larger battery does not fight just for the spare wheel, but makes the car feel heavier, as well. Toyota is on a free patch kit. How Nissan Leaf has a series of colored lights, then you know its state of charge when plugged in, the PHEV Prius has a light yellow set in the dashboard that illuminates when charging. This light is designed for general instrumentation of the car, and looks more like something an engineer tapped into place with a Dremel tool.

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