2012 Pagani Huayra Sport Car

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Designing a car Huayra 2012 Pagani has been perfected over the past five years to find each line beginning and end. In this study, the eight designs and of two models 1:01 developments of the past and endlessly trying to perfect the shape and speed of processing. The bi-xenon headlights are just one of many precious gifts Zonda F, and LED daytime running lights are integrated seamlessly with an elliptical design. The rear bumper diffuser integrates and manages the elliptical structure is surrounded by four exhaust pipes, which leads to become an essential component of Pagani.

The new center is an autonomous organization Pagani Huayra Titanium is a brand new carbon. However, with gull-wing doors gash in the roof, most research has focused on achieving greater rigidity in the application of new advanced composite materials and technologies proven in the fuel tank Zonda R. The fuel tank is located entirely in the best-protected areas of the chassis behind the driver, confirm the safety of the basket of different composite materials and ballistics. CrMo front and rear cradle provide rigidity to weight ratio allows the suspension of the most exceptional when including advanced energy shock absorbing structure, ready to protect occupants in the unlikely event of an impact. The eternal quest for weight loss has also led to a combination of both structural and non structural or aesthetic. An example is the integration of all air ducts in the monocoque structure that makes use of additional parts and useless channels. The result of this attention to detail is a vehicle weighing 1.350 kg Pagani Huayra makes the lightest sports car in its class.

The prodigious power and torque generated by Pagani Huayra V12 transmitted to the wheels through a transverse gearbox sequential gearbox seven-speed dual clutch and weighing only 96 kg complete. Keep the weight of the rear overhang lowest possible is a priority as we aim for a neutral border. Another advantage of this device is a better handling car during a rear impact. A dual clutch has been evaluated, but ultimately, but ultimately unsuccessful, as that would have increased the weight of about 70kg, which excludes changes in less time improvements.

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