2011 Nissan Leaf Review

June 24th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Nissan

The 2011 Nissan Leaf is a perfect car for many commuters in urban or suburban areas with access to a garage, which reduces the cost of transport every day, but it is completely impossible for longer trips.

An all-electric propulsion system for 2011 Nissan marks sheet as the first of a new race car, per mile costs of electricity, about 70 percent less than gasoline. Navigation, Bluetooth phone system, telematics, and a connection to iPod, all come standard, and the car includes a database of refueling stations.

Since the first mass produced electric car, 2011 Nissan Leaf followed the wheel tracks of the Model T. Leaf could be the prelude of a new era in the car, which can affect the way we ride in depth. It’s a lot of weight a simple machine to ride the city’s outskirts, and is forced to bring unrealistic expectations.

Although prices in the realm of the leading mid-sized sedan trim, hatchback Leaf lacks power adjustable leather seats. His race is too rigid and a luxury not last more than a sports car. It also suffers from the region about 100 miles and recharge calculated from the time in hours. And the performance of the air conditioner drive about 15 miles off the stove.

But considering that the film is, it is still being a practical car with a roomy interior that can accommodate five people in the seats comfortable comfortable. Nissan uses recycled materials in the seats, roof, interior panels and push the environmental issue. Cargo space is ample with the property under the back door, and comes standard shipping.

source : cnet.com


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