2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Sedan

August 18th, 2010 by By auto # Car, Lincoln

With excellent fuel economy, comfortable interior, and really excellent cabin tech 2011-Lincoln MKZ Hybrid provides a commuter car near perfection and transportation in general.

Costing the same series, MKZ, 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid can be a substantially better fuel economy than gasoline, just one. The navigation system provides a useful external data, such as traffic and gas prices, and the THX audio system, to delight music lovers. Sync, a voice command to control an excellent MP3 player and phone.

Ford created the award-winning hybrid transmission of its Fusion midsize sedan last year, so it became a piece of cake to give it a Lincoln MKZ, badge engineered version of the merger. When the same data as the Fusion Hybrid, 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid got 41 mpg in the EPA city test, an impressive number of segment that peaks around 30 mpg.

But the problem with badge engineering has always been too little differentiation between car models, and that criticism applies to the MKZ Hybrid. Although it gets a big Lincoln grille, the body is essentially the same as that of the Ford Fusion. Likewise, the ride quality does not feel substantially better.

For buyers already looking for a Lincoln MKZ, hybrid version makes for an easy choice that Lincoln prices the same way. The only compelling reason to choose the default MKZ more hybrid is the availability of four wheel drive in the past. Compared to gas engines in front wheel drive MKZ, the hybrid uses less fuel by about 15 mpg better.

Source : cnet

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