2011 Jaguar XJ Supersport Sedan Luxury Limited Edition

February 16th, 2011 by By auto # Car, Jaguar

The 2011 Jaguar XJ Supersport Sedan Luxury Limited Edition offers a high level of luxury, aided by a system of its star. Performance Tech makes a car fun to drive, but it has its limits. Bowers and Wilkins stereo in 2011 Jaguar XJ Super Sport produces an excellent sound quality, even with low bit MP3. The compressor motor is efficient and powerful. massage seats and adaptive cruise control on round tech. When car manufacturers to build the leadership in Berlin that they need for a luxury penthouse apartment in Dubai, while athletic, can hit 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and turn round with the grace of Gene Kelly. So 2011 Jaguar XJ Supersport, big cat, if a machine worthy of the name, nice to laze around on a thick branch of a tree, or running for prey in the undergrowth of the jungle?

Super Sport version of the new XJ is a limited edition model that uses the same compressor 5-liter V-8 as XJ Supercharged, but with power to listen to 510th Such power makes XJ Super Sport leap alignment with the neck-acceleration taking only 4.7 seconds to reach 60 mph, according to Jaguar. Meanwhile, XJ Super Sport wide, 16 feet, 10 inches, with a spacious cabin. Its steeply raked glass roof and rear back makes it look almost like a fastback, and the tail of the car shows a subtle lack of ornamentation give the body a smooth liquid. But the front, with its bulky fender and hood, means business.

Just look at the wood paneling inside the doors, and spare light shade of shells, you know the Jaguar has taken seriously the body. If there is no wood Jaguar is skin, and lots of it. different buttons solid feel, but the Jaguar is more a piece of plastic closed, this is a Jaguar XF. But the luxury of massage seats to defend. Similar to the XF, the change will dial up the console when the machine boots, and accent lights. And a central power on the LCD screen and appears to Jaguar for the lights of all the instruments on the same symbol.

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