2010 Lola Aston Martin LMP1

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• Full carbon fibre monococque
• Steel spaceframe engine and gearbox support

• Mid-engine rear wheel drive

• Length: 4634mm
• Width: 1990mm
• Wheelbase: 2890mm
• Minimum Weight: 900kg

• V12 Aston Martin – based on the original DB9 road cars i.e. block and cylinder heads.
• Dry sump lubrication, twin over head camshafts and four valves per cylinder
• Capacity: 6000cc (6 litres)
• Power: 650+ bhp (Power to weight ratio 720+bhp/tonne)
• Torque: >700Nm
• Max. RPM: 7500

ECU/Data System/Dash
• Pi Pectel control systems
• Telemetry sends car data directly to engineers but cannot receive data back, unlike F1 cars which can receive data whilst moving

• All looms are bespoke and constructed to aerospace/military standards using the Deutsch “Autosport” range of connectors
• The wire itself is high grade copper tinned providing extra conductivity

• Six speed sequential gearbox transverse mounted behind the engine with a triple plate carbon clutch

• Brembo six pot callipers are fitted front and rear
• Brake discs are vented carbon 380mm diameter
• Pads are carbon fibre operating best at temperatures in excess of 300 degrees centigrade

• Rack & pinion with electrical power assistance

• Double wishbone suspension both front and rear with Koni adjustable dampers

• Forged magnesium BBS wheels
• 18” diameter x 14” wide at the front
• 18” diameter x 15” wide at the rear Michelin tyres

• Driver cockpit air conditioning is fitted to ensure a controlled temperature of 32 degrees centigrade or below Lifeline provide a fully automated fire extinguisher in accordance with FIA regulations

Source : Aston Martin

Lola Aston Martin LMP1

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