BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Feature

February 16th, 2011 by By auto # BMW, Car

Although it seems a future Z5 roadster, BMW ConnectedDrive concept of vision is not intended as an example of a new car. Instead, it shows a concept for a capacity and network interface that supports the car. BMW calls this concept a component in a mobile networked world.

When the BMW iDrive, however, ended badly, the first-generation system would be, showed the company was interested in taking the envelope as much as the interface technology is a driving technique. ConnectedDrive Vision Concept, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, shows that BMW has not run these limits. Self-auto, roadster, uses a unique and very retro lines molded into the headrest body. But the effects of light then, the elements of Tron are across the ‘car is interlaced means three different interface levels: safety, comfort and fun. Composition and color of light is unique for each user level.

For each interface, explores new ways of BMW car can use external data connections that enhance the driving experience. Some descriptions of BMW are very mysterious, like this: “infotainment zone defines a communication between driver and passenger as well as actively promoting changes in social space and meeting between the two.” In view of the history of BMW to push the iDrive in production models, perhaps we will see the technology introduced in ConnectedDrive Vision shows a big future BMW models.

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