2011 BMW Z4 Sporty Bricks by Artist Dai Geng

May 16th, 2011 by By auto # BMW

Dai Gang is an artist from China who has created the BMW Z4 sports car from the thousands of bricks. Exhibited in Shenzheng, southeastrern China. Dai Geng spent more than a year cementing the brick blocks together which he then carved into a model of a sporty BMW Z4, which can exceed speeds of 150mph. Except for the windows, everything is made from brick, even the hinges that allow the door to open and close just like metal ones. Hunting for buyers now, Geng is looking £80,000($126,000) for the car which took him a year to cement together to perfection.

Mr Dai even managed to make brick hinges so the doors can open and close. Mr Dai Geng said: ‘Only the windows are not made of bricks. Everything else including the tyres, the steering wheel, the exhaust pipe and trimmings are made of brick.’ He is hoping the car will be sold for use as a garden ornament and bought by one of the newly rich Chinese who regard BMW as extremely desirable because of the quality and performance. The brick car, which is 5 metres long, 2.15 metres wide, 1.6 metres high and weighs 6.5 tons, was completed in 2007 and was displayed at different places, such as the 798 Art Zone in Beijing.


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