2011 BMW M3 Coupe Special Edition

March 31st, 2011 by By auto # BMW

BMW said that is not familiar with this one car brand, BMW has launched a car – luxury car that is fantastic. BMW is very well known and familiar to lovers of luxury cars. This time BMW has released the daring 2011 BMW M3 Coupe Special Edition is more fuel efficient and competent than the old version of M3 Tiger Edition.

This time BMW automaker has launched absolutely eco-friendly car, BMW M3 Matted Edition, which will have efficient powertrain, suspension dampers, struts, automatic transmission tools, and suspension tools for removing technical backlogs. An official announcement was made by BMW few weeks back that the company would release different types of BMW M3 Matted Edition cars which would certainly provide 100 percent reliable service to people.

BMW M3 Matted Edition exterior texture of the car compartment has been painted in silky and glossy matte colour. Light weight metal has been used to decorate the car. Car seats of this BMW M3 Matted Edition are retractable and foldable as well. BMW M3 Matted Edition car is basically upgrade with a competent 4.0 litre capacitated V8 powertrain which generates 420 hp, and 400 NM torque. Street navigation devices inside the car are up to the mark and durable. Car drivers will have no difficulty to undergo nocturnal car driving. Besides, inside the car compartment, there are sun visors, properly adjusted windscreens, an odometer, speedometer, and tire pressure measurement tools. Wheelbases of this new car are designed with durable fenders for safeguarding the tire bands from mud water. This car doesn’t spew black smoke/fume/ carbon in huge volume. This BMW M3 Matted Edition has been made for capturing Chinese automobile industry. In an interview, the company’s CEO has told reporters that new BMW M3 Matted Edition car is energy efficient with up-to-date interoperability systems.

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