2011 BMW 740i Sport Car Sedan Luxury

February 10th, 2011 by By auto # BMW, Car

The 2011 BMW 740i Sport Car Sedan Luxury proves that you do not need V-8-enforcement, which offers first-class cabin electronics and driver assistance features, and to keep the BMW sports car reputation. The standard navigation system for2011 BMW 740i Sport Car Sedan Luxury looks and works fine. Download your contacts Bluetooth telephone system and provides a voice dial-by-name of the command. The optional active suspension, the 740th handles like a sports car.

Tighter new ways horses wars of the 90s are over. Instead of pumping the car journeys are looking for ways to produce energy efficiently. For the 7-series in 2011, BMW has taken relatively easy to install an engine already used in the BMW 335i and 535i. Be flagship sedan from BMW, this new model steps up to a 740i badge.

As for the body, suspension and the technical booth, the car is almost identical to its heftier brother, 750i and 760i. The car is equipped with the same design with sophisticated European with an elegantly curved roof and elongated nose. Of course, equipped with the traditional BMW grille, while headlight housings incorporate LED lamps.

The Cabin of 2011 BMW 740i Sport Car Sedan Luxury, a large sedan, it is easy to reach, but the chassis offers plenty of cargo space. Voluntary multicontour seats offer an adjustable power bolsters, lumbar support, headrests, and almost all other means to shape the body of the seat. comfortable rear seat has its own dual-zone air conditioning. This car is the luxury BMW. Standard $ 70,000 on this car has a navigation system with HDD, with 3D maps and traffic, and a sophisticated Bluetooth telephone system. But he is on the BMW is ready to go with freebies – even iPod integration is optional in the 740i.

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