2015 Audi R5 Release

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Audi will be release their new version 2015 Audi R5 in 2014. Audi offers R5 in coupe and roadster versions, produced the concept of E-tron. His official debut will be begin in around the year 2014. The new R5 has an exterior design inspired by the concept of E-tron which was recently launched and will be called the R4. Audi will be put this model in place of the center, given in terms of price and performance, and will be intended for customers who want 2015 Audi R5 more than  TT, but no less fast with the R8. However, several reports Bary showed that the future of this sports car will be actually called R5, is because they take consideration the fact that he will use his five-cylinder engine and four-pot that is provided to TT.

When the launched later, the Audi R5 will be offer a special surprise. The concept of E-Tron is adapted for use in the road and combines design elements of a model like the R8. Audi makes the front grille with a four-circle in the middle, front lights with LED lights, vertical air in the side, wide side sills, and different aluminum inserts.

The future Audi R5 is known internally as the 9X1 and will share Volkswagen’s new ’MiMo’ (Mittelmotor) architecture with the other two BlueSport versions. Translated, this means the future sports car will feature a mid-engine configuration. So, while the E-tron concept was powered by two electric motors, the production version will use a conventional engine. With the E-tron, Audi only wanted to show that they could develop electric cars, not that they wanted to. The only E-tron anyone will be seeing so far will be the R8 E-tron which will go into production next year.

We expect to see the same 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine from the TTRS, with output in the 350 HP area. We expect to see a 0 to 60 mph sprint time in around 4.5 seconds, while top speed will be limited to 155 mph (like any other German model).

2015 Audi R5 Release

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