1969 Aston Martin DB6 Volante Royal Wedding Ride

May 1st, 2011 by By auto # Aston Martin

His father had become the owner of an aston martin db6 Mark II years in converted to run on biofuel. Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on Friday 29 April, when the church they use the car. The car was decorated in traditional wedding fashion complete with ribbons, balloons, and a trick license plate reading Ju5t Wed. The dark blue Volante convertible was driven by the Prince through the crowds in front of Buckingham Palace on his way to a reception party. The car traveled down the procession route with top down and minimal security. A lone Range Rover followed the Aston and a RAF Rescue helicopter, much like the ones flown by the Prince, flew above with a flag waving below.

The Royals clearly have access to many things including the various Rolls Royce models and Carriages used today, but an Aston Martine DB6 Volante is rare even for them. This legendary car was the longest running production model that Aston Martin ever produced, but only 140 Volante versions were built. Furthermore, this may be the only one in the world running off biofuel made from excess British wine product. Originally made famous by the James Bond films, these Aston Martin models have been coveted by collectors for years. Very rarely do they come up for sale or auction and the Prince’s will most likely never leave the Royal collection. The DB6 was a major improvement over the previous DB5 model and turned the car into a proper Grand Touring model. Performance for these models was increased through the Vantage edition which raised output to 325hp, but there is no word on the specific power output from the biofuel model.

The DB6 Mark II was announced several years after initial production in 1969. It is defined by new flared wheel arches on both the front and the rear of the car. These help to accommodate wider wheels and tires that increased the handling of the car. In 1966 Aston introduced the convertible version and called it Volante. It was the first time Aston Martin would use this now classic Italian term to denote its convertible models. The rarest of all these cars was the Vantage Volante version, for which only 29 examples exist.

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